Monday, April 6, 2009

Waltham - Brandeis University 4/06/09

Live painting of the Brandeis show titled Rabbits Last Gasp.

Shawn Neary posing the night before for his senior photo.  This shot was taken while Cloud Cult took some much needed down time back at the hotel.

We actually did the show in the Brandeis castle.  Here are a few shots I took before sound check.  The Boston area has great historical architecture.  We have been traveling under a rain cloud for most of the tour so it was beautiful to see the sun in Waltham.

The back side of the castle.

Harry Potter?  You be the judge.

Before sound check Cloud Cult engaged in a little keep away frisbee.  This is Sarah Young in the last few moments of a glorious take down with Arlen.

Arlen can be seen glowing after surviving Sarah's wrath.

Shawn Neary blocking Craig Minowa from the catch that would pull Shawn out of the box.

Sometimes when your taking photos you can catch a dance.

The final moment of the game Shawn Neary is victorious and finally gets his frisbee.

Passing through Waltham on the way to the show.

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