Monday, March 30, 2009

Iowa City, Iowa - Picador 3/29/09

Were at Iowa City tonight doing a show at the Picador with Ice Palace.  This is a photo shot while setting up during soundcheck.  We took a stroll after sound check and ate some amazing food at Atlas downtown Iowa City.  If you are in the area, I reccomend the eats.  I am really excited to tour with Ice Palace I have been painting to there new disc Wonder Subtly Crushing Us.  I have to say this is a great band and if you are coming to the show make sure you catch their act.

This is the live painting from the Picador.  The title of this painting is Fawna.  Fawna is a new character for me and I am unsure of her place in my narratives.  You may see her repeat a couple of times in different forms on this tour as I discover her meaning.

Craig shredding the guitar.

Shannon Frid during sound check just after playing when water comes to life.

Iowa - Drake University 3/28/09

Were off to Drake University in Iowa. The above photo is of our current tour mascot given to us by my lovely wife Red. When thrown at the windshield (in this case) or any hard surface he gives us wisdom for our travels.  I really love driving through Iowa...  We passed through the wooded hills of southwest Wisconsin to the corn fields of Iowa. It is times like this when I really love the road. Just the chance to leave the city and experience the diversity of the midwest is incredible.

This is the stage painting from Drake.  The title is Wind.  Wind resides in the corridors of my mind.  She is a character of chance and represents transcendence as well as the gifts and challenges we receive as we travel through life.

Shawn taking a well deserved rest after the show.

Adrean Young Band Manager - This is the guy makes all the magic behind the scenes in Cloud Cult.

Tonight we are staying with the Neary family.  This photo was taken of Cloud Cult with Grandpa and Grandma Neary.  It is always great to stay with family.  Many thanks to the Neary family for extending such kindness to Cloud Cult.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snapshots of the day in Madison

Shawn showing the horn who is who.
Arlen looking chill in the van on the way to the show.
Sarah's view from stage
Craig at sound check with a animation I created for the DVD looping on the back screen

Madison Painting - Girl Underwater

Above is the painting from last night.  I am working on the development of a new character to appear in my paintings.  She is made of water and lives in the oceans.  I believe she is a healing archetype.  When painting on tour I am often painting characters for up coming studio work.  This process gives me a chance to understand who they are and what they mean to me.  The photos are taken on stage so forgive any lack of quality.  Lighting on stages at nightclubs is often less than ideal.  For those who are not familiar with Cloud Cult and my roll in the band, I am a live stage painter/trumpet player/backup vocals.  Each night when the band starts a the set I begin with a blank canvas (sometimes I have a sketch done at soundcheck before the show) when the set is complete so is my painting.  Every night is different painting and on this tour there will be 29 before I am back in the studio.  Thanks so much for those who come to the shows and enjoy the visual aspect of our set.  It is not often that a painter gets the opportunity to share the studio experience in a public way.  At the end of the night we auction off the work to the highest bidder.  It is the best thing for me because I get the chance to leave these paintings all over the country.

Madison Wisconsin 3/27/09 - High Noon Saloon

In Madison again playing a show at the High Noon Saloon.  I love coming to this city it is truly visually stunning.  The people here are kind and have a wonderful affection for the arts.  This is a shot taken while on a walk before the show.  I wanted to clear my mind and get ready to paint.  Often I find it difficult painting at shows because painting is a quiet place for me and it is a challenge to paint publicly.  Even though touring and painting at shows offers it's challenges I would not give it up for anything.  I am lucky... I am doing what I love.

Cloud Cult Touring Journal Begins!

Greetings!  I am back on the road with Cloud Cult touring from East to West coast painting my brains out!  In the next 2 months I will be keeping a photo journal on this blog documenting my tour paintings as well as photos that capture my day to day tour experience.  I hope all who follow enjoy.  Feel free to leave comments and let me know your thoughts on the paintings and photographs.