Monday, July 27, 2009

New Painting 7/27/09

This is a new painting done in the studio.  This is a painting that was commissioned to be a nature influenced abstract.  The painting took over and it is a little more representational than I intended.  I have posted the progression of the work.  I thought it might be interesting to review my process on this.  The element I wanted to focus on was composition.  I felt it were important to have a play between 2d and 3d space.  Like many of my works I started out with line and movement inspired by music.
At this early point I was still working the painting while flipping it vertical and horizontal.  Much of the composition was determined by looking at it backwards in a mirror.
At this point I had chosen a format to work in.  Line being equal to shape and color.  The color was again dictated the music.
This is the final painting.  I am disappointed in the photo.  I don't think you can capture the layers of paint and texture.  I will take a quality photo for the gallery page in my site (