Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cleveland Ohio - Beachland Ballroom 4/13/09

Jacob from Ice Palace hangs in the green room kicking down a PBR before the show.  

Amy from Ice Palace shot next to a vintage sign in the green room of the Beachland Ballroom.  I really like this photo.  Amy has a classic look about her.  I think she will appear in future paintings.

Shawn Neary eating a amazing barbecue tofu sandwich after driving to Pittsburgh and back.  The night before Cloud Cult had a dance party in Margot's tour bus.  I think we may have killed a few brain cells because we left Sarah's Cello in the hotel room and did not realize it until we were unloading in Cleveland.  Shawn was the superhero who drove back to pick it up.  Thanks again Shawn.

After the show we caught a great punk show in the room next door.  The result was Cloud Cult, Ice Palace, and Margot dancing it up one last time.  This shot is of Shannon Frid loosing her self to some good hard core tunes.  Margot will be heading a different route as we will be going out west for shows with Ice Palace.  We will miss them they are a truly great band and really kind folk.

I forgot to bring my camera on stage in Cleveland so a good friend of the band Cody York took shots for me.  I will be uploading the painting of the night and some other back stage shots that he took.  Check back for the updates!


  1. I won the great painting from the show but didn't think about inquiring about the title of the piece. It will look great displayed in my living room. I will check back to see what you titled it and thanks to Cloud Cult for such a great show.

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  3. Shawn drove all the way to Pittsburgh? Are you sure? My little sister Solveig picked up the cello and met him halfway. She likes the t-shirt and CD's... thx. Great show at Mr. Smalls, btw.

  4. Amy has a lovely Mona Lisa smile. It's really an outstanding photo. Do you shoot photos as part of your art,Scott, or is it more for the sake of documenting your life?