Tuesday, April 7, 2009

North Hampton - Pearl Street - 4/07/09

On the drive out to North Hampton I was watching the film Big Fish.  I think it had an effect on my painting at Pearl Street.  This painting is titled Departure.

Adam of Ice Palace gave a intense performance at Pearl Street.

Amy of Ice Palace singing expressive harmonies.

In my journey with Cloud Cult I have the opportunity to meet many amazing people.  Walter is one of them.  Walter caught one of our shows last year and then commissioned a painting from me.  We met up on tour and has become a true friend.  Thanks, Walter for being such a stand up guy.

Before sound check we ate some great food with Walter's family in North Hampton.  Samantha, Savanna, Walter and Allison are an incredibly wonderful family.  Cloud Cult is appreciative to have met such kind people.


  1. I love your newest piece - where do you paint while the band plays? I think your creative process is fascinating - the mix of music and art - art in the moment, raw emotion...I would sketch while listening to my boyfriend's band reherse and write while they performed. I may post some sketches. Do you show in any galleries?

  2. I am on stage with the musicians. I also play trumpet and do some back up singing during the show. This is a challenge since the set time is only 1 hour. I have not been showing in galleries for a quite a while. I was turned off by the politics. I think this summer I will give it another run. I finally feel that the work has its own voice now. I think heading back to galleries is the next step for me. One of the issues I have (and a good issue) is that all of my work sells right away. Even the studio work. I am prolific but I can't seem to hold on to a body for work to show. I will be working on that over the summer. I think I just need to try and book a gallery with a concept based on past work. Then develop just for that show. Let me know if there may be a gallery out there that is interested in doing a show like that.


  3. I am extremely impressed! And inspired. Music & Art...I am at a loss for words. It seems you don't need to change a thing. It is wonderful to have work sell right away. Just keep documenting your work. Keep on creating - you do such beautiful work. Thank you for the inspiration!!!!!!! Just fabulous!!!!!

  4. I was there that night.
    I was blown away.
    I bid for the painting, but did not get it.
    It is so beautiful.
    This photo will now go in my screen saver pictures to remind me of that lovely night.

    All the bands were so kind and friendly.
    All the music and art was so amazing.
    Keep on living the dream.