Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Studio Painting!!

The painting is titled Have you found where your place is.  (36 x 48") I just finished this commission before I head back on the road with Cloud Cult.  The painting is for a fan in Seattle who has been kind enough to wait until I had a break from the road.  I can see the influence of the live paintings on this one.

Detail of the painting.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cleveland Ohio - Beachland Ballroom 4/13/09

Jacob from Ice Palace hangs in the green room kicking down a PBR before the show.  

Amy from Ice Palace shot next to a vintage sign in the green room of the Beachland Ballroom.  I really like this photo.  Amy has a classic look about her.  I think she will appear in future paintings.

Shawn Neary eating a amazing barbecue tofu sandwich after driving to Pittsburgh and back.  The night before Cloud Cult had a dance party in Margot's tour bus.  I think we may have killed a few brain cells because we left Sarah's Cello in the hotel room and did not realize it until we were unloading in Cleveland.  Shawn was the superhero who drove back to pick it up.  Thanks again Shawn.

After the show we caught a great punk show in the room next door.  The result was Cloud Cult, Ice Palace, and Margot dancing it up one last time.  This shot is of Shannon Frid loosing her self to some good hard core tunes.  Margot will be heading a different route as we will be going out west for shows with Ice Palace.  We will miss them they are a truly great band and really kind folk.

I forgot to bring my camera on stage in Cleveland so a good friend of the band Cody York took shots for me.  I will be uploading the painting of the night and some other back stage shots that he took.  Check back for the updates!

Millvale Pennsylvania - Mr. Small's Theatre 4/12/09

Easter Sunday we did a show just on the edge of Pittsburgh in Millvale.  On Easter, fatigue got the best of me.  Spending my daily photo time napping was a much needed decision.  I am sorry for so few photos of this day but I have been running on empty for a couple of days now.  The live painting of the night is titled Signs.  I felt it was reflective of rebirth and coming changes.  It was nice to paint in an old church on Easter.

Mr. Small's is a great venue to see a show in.  The room is incredible with old church doors used as sound boards hanging from the cathedral ceilings.  

A crowd shot from Millvale

Washington DC - Black Cat - 4/11/09

Live painting sketch done in the green room before the show.

Final painting done at the Black Cat.  The painting is titled Exposed in Red.

Sarah Young prepping Easter eggs for her boys in the green room before the show.  

Washington DC has one of the most beautiful spring seasons in the country.  Before the show I went for a walk and took in some of the colors.  This was one of the few sunny days we have had on this tour.  Today I am thankful for the sun.

A Japanese Maple sprouting it's leaves.

Spring tulips in full bloom in a DC neighborhood.  The morning dew was reflecting the sunlight.

Meghan Neary put us up for the night.  It is great when we can stay with family.  It gives us a sense of home on the road.  Shawn Neary can bee seen here jumping in glee when his sister gave the band not one but two Easter baskets.

A group photo with Meghan Neary in the center.  Thanks Meghan for the wonderful egg bake in the early morning!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Philadelphia - First Unitarian Church 4/10/09

The sketch done for the painting in Philadelphia.  This sketch came very easy to me.  I think it was because we had some down time before the show.

The final painting is titled Sleeping with waves.  The kind folks that bought the painting requested that I give her a name.  The name of the girl in the painting is Evelyn.  This painting is going to a wonderful home.  Evelyn will rest well.

While in Philadelphia we got the chance to stay in this house.  Cloud Cult had the whole place to our selves.  I did the sketch on the from porch of the house before the show.  It was the most at home I have felt since leaving Minneapolis.

The show was at the First Unitarian Church.  This was our green room.  As far as the venue goes great green room not so great stage and sound.

This was a quite sanctuary I hung out in before the show.  Sometimes you have to find the quiet.

Cloud Cult and Margot members being mesmerized by mobile youtube.

Shannon Frid on a church pew waiting to be saved.

Arlen trying for a similar pose.

There were ghosts in the church that night.  This was the result of my crowd shot.

New York - Music Hall of Williamsburg 4/09/09

The painting titled Exodus was done at the New York show.  All the paintings on the tour are 48" x 36".

Arlen letting us all know that this club is tight!

Shawn Neary taking a nap in the New York street.  This works well on two counts.  One, Shawn has been killing the tour manager roll and needs a rest.  Two, New York parking with a van and a trailer is almost impossible.  The fact that he is napping in this spot saved us from hauling gear for blocks.

Shawn and Arlen trying to get a salary increase from band manager Adrian Young.  (this did not work by the way)

A glimpse into the private lives of Adrian and Sarah Young.

New York crowd shot.

New Haven - Toad's Place 4/08/09

This painting is titled Floating Instead of Flying.  I have been playing with the idea of the lack of gravity in my compositions.  This is one attempt at that process.

While walking around the Yale University Campus I spotted the first signs of spring.  One of the moments that make spring tours wonderful is that depending on the region your in you get to experience first blooms several times.

The history that Yale reflects is inspiring.

Amazing Gothic architecture.

Another snap shot of one of the halls.

Samantha and Savanna came to another Cloud Cult show.  It was great to see them!

A shot of the New Haven crowd during the show.

Boston - Paradise Rock Club - 4/07/09

The live painting included a crane.  I wanted to capture the both the feeling of flight and restraint.  The painting is titled Confined Flight.

Arlen at sound check playing on Margot's set.

Shawn Neary doing a vocal check.

Shannon Frid stands in the shadows practicing silently before the show.

Craig Minowa never does anything half way, even sound check.

The view Arlen has from stage.  Shot taken at sound check.

A snap shot taken during the show of the crowd.  The Boston audience is a lively crowd.  They made the show.

Shannon had a mishap with her violin.  Actually it was crushed.  She was feeling down so Sarah and I were giving her some love.

Shannon, Candice, Sarah and myself posing for a photo after a great show!  Candice put us up for 3 nights.  Thanks Candice for hosting the Cloud Cult crew.

Adrian Young band manager working out the details before the show.  

Sarah and Shannon chilling in the street after the show.  Sarah looks great wearing my fedora.