Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ann Arbor - Blind Pig 4/02/09

There is something disco about the Blind Pig.  That thought was confirmed when Cloud Cult erupted into a dance party with fans at the end of the night.
My live painting of the night titled Red Dress.
Shannon Frid shot in the green room before the show.  Sarah Young can be seen reading the fine literature on the green room wall.  We are all trying to find that quiet space before a show.
Arlen shot in the green room.  Arlen has become one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  He is a totally chill guy but when photographed you understand the depth of his character.
Craig Minowa during sound check.  We all have been falling in love with the hooks of his melodic guitar lines.
A full band shot during sound check.  Actually I could not get Arlen in frame due to a speaker and I am behind the camera.
This is what most walls look like in green rooms.  I am not sure why bands feel the need to tag the wall with a band sticker.  I often find them stuck to urinals.  Need I say more?
Eric of Margot performing acrobatics in our trailer after the show.  Sometimes you hook up with a great band and meet the nicest people.  Eric is one of them.

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