Sunday, April 12, 2009

Boston - Paradise Rock Club - 4/07/09

The live painting included a crane.  I wanted to capture the both the feeling of flight and restraint.  The painting is titled Confined Flight.

Arlen at sound check playing on Margot's set.

Shawn Neary doing a vocal check.

Shannon Frid stands in the shadows practicing silently before the show.

Craig Minowa never does anything half way, even sound check.

The view Arlen has from stage.  Shot taken at sound check.

A snap shot taken during the show of the crowd.  The Boston audience is a lively crowd.  They made the show.

Shannon had a mishap with her violin.  Actually it was crushed.  She was feeling down so Sarah and I were giving her some love.

Shannon, Candice, Sarah and myself posing for a photo after a great show!  Candice put us up for 3 nights.  Thanks Candice for hosting the Cloud Cult crew.

Adrian Young band manager working out the details before the show.  

Sarah and Shannon chilling in the street after the show.  Sarah looks great wearing my fedora.

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  1. The crane painting is extraordinary. You captured such elegant motion (and emotion) here.