Sunday, April 12, 2009

Philadelphia - First Unitarian Church 4/10/09

The sketch done for the painting in Philadelphia.  This sketch came very easy to me.  I think it was because we had some down time before the show.

The final painting is titled Sleeping with waves.  The kind folks that bought the painting requested that I give her a name.  The name of the girl in the painting is Evelyn.  This painting is going to a wonderful home.  Evelyn will rest well.

While in Philadelphia we got the chance to stay in this house.  Cloud Cult had the whole place to our selves.  I did the sketch on the from porch of the house before the show.  It was the most at home I have felt since leaving Minneapolis.

The show was at the First Unitarian Church.  This was our green room.  As far as the venue goes great green room not so great stage and sound.

This was a quite sanctuary I hung out in before the show.  Sometimes you have to find the quiet.

Cloud Cult and Margot members being mesmerized by mobile youtube.

Shannon Frid on a church pew waiting to be saved.

Arlen trying for a similar pose.

There were ghosts in the church that night.  This was the result of my crowd shot.

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  1. Thanks again for a great night. Were working on getting "Evelyn" a frame so she can enjoy her new home.