Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chicago - Metro 4/01/09

The Metro in Chicago is one of our favorite venues.  It's theatrical stage and old world charm mixed with top notch sound and staff make it one of the best venues to play at in the country.  The Chicago fans (as you can see) give us incredible energy.  Mix the energy with the Metro atmosphere and you have a performance that seems surreal.  Thank you Chicago!  It was amazing.

The live painting for the night was a painting titled Balance with self and rabbit.  This painting is about composition and finding a balance in life and on canvas.  The rabbit has had several meanings in my paintings.  In this case it represents  innocents and sacrifice.

Shawn Neary on bass and vocals during sound check.

Sarah Young is truly beautiful when she is lost in song.

Shannon Frid on violin.

Arlen on drums.

Craig Minowa singing Journey of the Featherless.

A snap shot of Cloud Cult closing up sound check at the Metro.  Our tour manager / sound engineer Jeff D. Johnson flew back home today due to other work obligations.  We will miss him greatly over the next two weeks.  He is a gift to have on tour with us.  We will be meeting up with him on the west coast leg of the tour.  

Jeff D. Johnson the Cloud Cult wizard of sound.


  1. Can you explain a little about your "live painting" - do you paint while performing?

  2. Yes, when I start the show I have a blank canvas or a canvas with a sketch. When I finish the show I have the painting you see posted. The set is about an hour long. The paintings are 36 x 48" in size. Every night is a new painting and a new concept. After this tour I will have 29 new paintings.