Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 11th @ The Bluebird in Denver

We are back in Denver playing at the Bluebird. This is one of our favorite venues in one of the greatest cities. After making the long drive from Minneapolis we were very happy to arrive in such a welcoming town. There is something about seeing the ridges as were driving into Denver that sets a perspective on scale and where our place is on this earth. I am thankful for the travels and the understanding it gives me.

While in town I got the chance to hang out with my brother-n-law Tim and our friend Laura. We ate a great Thai place just down the block from The Bluebird. I would recommend Tommy's if your passing through Denver. Actually I think the band eats at Tommy's every time we pass through. It is difficult to pass up great Thai food.

Cody York a great friend and amazing photographer is traveling with us on the Cloud Cult Light Chasers tour. You can catch him selling our merch or behind the lens at a show. Check his work out at:

His work is nothing short of fine art. Thanks Cody for being such a creative.
A snapshot of the crowd in Denver. Sorry about the poor shot. I just poked the lens through the curtain before we went on stage.

Grasping the Light
Acrylic on Canvas
38" x 48"

This was the live painting for the night. I am feeling better about the coordination of rotating the painting making it dance to the music. It is good to see the paintings dance. I have always felt the life in them and now they have movement.

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  1. Hi Scott, Thanks for the great updates! I've never checked your blog before, but I will now. I've been wondering how your tour was going, so far. You're obviously very excited about your new easel and for good reason! Sounds like you really put a lot of work into it -- are you saying your easel rotates while you're painting???? Amazing -- all your work continues to amaze me.....