Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9/12/10 Etown show in Boulder Colorado

Sunday we performed the Etown show at the Boulder Theater with Shawn Mullins. It was a great experience for us doing a radio show with a live audience setting. Nick and Helen and the whole Etown crew were wonderful to work with. It was really great to work with such a well oiled production machine. Singer / Songwriter Shawn Mullins also performed Sunday night with us. I have to say his show was amazing. What a incredible voice. After the show there was a after party at the Hotel Boulderado where we got the chance to hang with the folks from Etown and Shawn Mullins. The whole experience was incredible and many thanks to Etown and all of the hospitality that was given to the band.

The shot above is Craig sound checking before the live radio show.

Arlen chilling while I was getting our levels set on the in ear system.

Shannon watching Sarah Young practice parts for the finale song. I liked this shot because of the classical nature of the pose. Shannon has a very elegant disposition about her. For that reason it is visually inspiring using her as subject matter in my photography and paintings.

Sarah Young also with a very classical pose at sound check.

Shannon posing for the camera. I try not to let people know they are being shot but in this instance Shannon caught me.

Jeraline, Connie Minowa's mother trying out Sarah's cello before the show. Jeraline is the nanny for Nova Minowa for the first few shows of the tour. She also fills the van with home baked cookies! Good to have a slice of home while on the road.

A shot of the Hotel Boulderado from the outside. This is were we stayed while in Boulder.

The lobby of the hotel. The Boulderado had the most amazing old architecture and the staircase was stunning.

A shot of the stained glass ceiling. I have done a bit of stained glass work myself so when I see work on this scale I really have a true appreciation for it.

With and without wings
48" x 36"
Acrylic on Canvas

This is the live painting done for the night. Connie Minowa and I collaborated on this together due to the stage size. The painting was inspired by a previous painting I had done in studio (Angels and Ambulances) . This is some imagery that I will return to in the studio as the meaning and visual intent evolves. I believe this is the first collaborative painting Connie and I have done in a couple of years. I feel it went really well, we both have grown tremendously as live painters in the last couple of tours. There was several moments that I felt we were completing each others visual thoughts. The painting sale profits were donated to help the folks in Boulder that lost homes in the recent wildfires. The painting raised $5000 that night. It is a honor to contribute to people in need while on the road. Thank you Boulder for all of the fantastic adventures.

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