Monday, May 11, 2009

Seattle - 5/8/09

Live painting titled Reluctantly dancing with bears.

A photo of my paints while setting up for the show.  

Cloud Cult during sound check in Seattle.

Craig Minowa checking mics at sound check.

Shawn Neary warming up his horn.

Sarah Young checking her monitors.

Shawn Neary asking for just a little more of Craig in his monitor.

Shannon Frid waiting to check mics.

Connie Minowa practicing her keyboard part.

Adam Sorensen of Ice Palace showing Seattle who is who.  They gave a great show!

Amy of Ice Palace singing backups during the set.

Jacob of Ice Palace giving Adam backup.

My trumpet shot on stage before we went on.

A photo of my hat hanging on my easel.  Funny that I took this shot, I lost the hat after the Seattle show.

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