Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rapid City South Dakota - 5/04/09

Dreaming of Bears is the title of the live painting done in Rapid City.  I was having dreams about meeting a grizzly bear because we were going to meet one in Bozeman the following night.

A shot of my bushes on stage.  Sometimes I love the mix of paint that ends up all over my equipment and clothes.  

Shawn Neary singing a tune at sound check.  If you ever get a chance to see Shawn do a solo show check it out.  The man is a incredible song writer.

Jeff D. Johnson running the board.  Kind of a strange shot since he is actually floating.

Sarah Young calling for more monitors.

Arlens hands shot during the song When water comes to life.

Craig Minowa singing Grandson and Jesus.

Shannon Frid giving me "the look" because I have a camera in my hand.

Sometimes even the cables running into the soundboard create beautiful compositions.  It seems everything on the road is art.

Connie Minowa is back on the road with us.  Here is a shot of her sketching for her painting.

All of us like to bring a bit of home with us.  This is Craig Minowa's garage light he hangs on his mic stand.  It brings him back to the farm when we tone down the music and get acoustic.

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