Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Avenue Minneapolis MN - 5/2/09

The live painting done at First Avenue titled Lessons from the rabbit.  It is always great to paint in front of a home town crowd.  Thanks for all the kindness.  The show felt incredible!

A photo of my beautiful wife Red while helping with the painting auction.  Thank you Red for your love and support.

The sold out crowd shot at First Avenue.  I think the cheering was louder than the band.


  1. I've never been so impacted by a concert. Cloud Cult, I love you. Scott West, I shook your hand outside the club! It was so awesome! Your art is so beautiful. It was amazing to watch the paintings evolve throughout the show. The music/expirience has changed my life forever.

  2. I fully agree with the above comment, although I did not get to shake your hand!! This show was completely amazing!!

  3. haha i cant believe im in this photo, i was amazed at that concert.It was truly one of the greatest shows i have seen in my life, no joke. Yet when you took the photo i looked like bummed out or something, and that doesn't make any sense because i was unbelievably happy at that concert! Amazing show and Amazing art work. Keep it up Cloud Cult!
    Jake O.

  4. The First Ave concert was simply amazing - I was in tears more than once. You guys put on a fantastic show!