Saturday, May 9, 2009

Missoula Montana - 5/6/09

The live painting done in Missoula is titled Flying lessons.  I was thinking of the mountains we were about to drive thought the next morning.  Actually this painting is about reminding yourself to take the moments you have to fly.  Forget the past, never mind the future, enjoy the moment you have.  While on tour this is the reality.  Back home I seem to get lost in routine, always looking to the future for a better moments.

The crowd in Missoula getting crazy after the song Take your medicine.

The next morning on our drive to Seattle we stopped off on the Columbia river scenic overlook.  The winds coming off of the cliff were so strong Shawn had to lean into the wind to remain standing.

Amazing views.

Shawn Neary taking in the views.

Jeff D. Johnson making the most of the moment.

Wild flowers growing on the cliff.  If you have the opportunity hop in your car and drive across the country.  There are so many wonderful things to see and experience.  I feel lucky to have the opportunity.

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