Saturday, March 28, 2009

Madison Painting - Girl Underwater

Above is the painting from last night.  I am working on the development of a new character to appear in my paintings.  She is made of water and lives in the oceans.  I believe she is a healing archetype.  When painting on tour I am often painting characters for up coming studio work.  This process gives me a chance to understand who they are and what they mean to me.  The photos are taken on stage so forgive any lack of quality.  Lighting on stages at nightclubs is often less than ideal.  For those who are not familiar with Cloud Cult and my roll in the band, I am a live stage painter/trumpet player/backup vocals.  Each night when the band starts a the set I begin with a blank canvas (sometimes I have a sketch done at soundcheck before the show) when the set is complete so is my painting.  Every night is different painting and on this tour there will be 29 before I am back in the studio.  Thanks so much for those who come to the shows and enjoy the visual aspect of our set.  It is not often that a painter gets the opportunity to share the studio experience in a public way.  At the end of the night we auction off the work to the highest bidder.  It is the best thing for me because I get the chance to leave these paintings all over the country.

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