Monday, March 30, 2009

Iowa - Drake University 3/28/09

Were off to Drake University in Iowa. The above photo is of our current tour mascot given to us by my lovely wife Red. When thrown at the windshield (in this case) or any hard surface he gives us wisdom for our travels.  I really love driving through Iowa...  We passed through the wooded hills of southwest Wisconsin to the corn fields of Iowa. It is times like this when I really love the road. Just the chance to leave the city and experience the diversity of the midwest is incredible.

This is the stage painting from Drake.  The title is Wind.  Wind resides in the corridors of my mind.  She is a character of chance and represents transcendence as well as the gifts and challenges we receive as we travel through life.

Shawn taking a well deserved rest after the show.

Adrean Young Band Manager - This is the guy makes all the magic behind the scenes in Cloud Cult.

Tonight we are staying with the Neary family.  This photo was taken of Cloud Cult with Grandpa and Grandma Neary.  It is always great to stay with family.  Many thanks to the Neary family for extending such kindness to Cloud Cult.

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