Monday, March 30, 2009

Iowa City, Iowa - Picador 3/29/09

Were at Iowa City tonight doing a show at the Picador with Ice Palace.  This is a photo shot while setting up during soundcheck.  We took a stroll after sound check and ate some amazing food at Atlas downtown Iowa City.  If you are in the area, I reccomend the eats.  I am really excited to tour with Ice Palace I have been painting to there new disc Wonder Subtly Crushing Us.  I have to say this is a great band and if you are coming to the show make sure you catch their act.

This is the live painting from the Picador.  The title of this painting is Fawna.  Fawna is a new character for me and I am unsure of her place in my narratives.  You may see her repeat a couple of times in different forms on this tour as I discover her meaning.

Craig shredding the guitar.

Shannon Frid during sound check just after playing when water comes to life.


  1. Fawna reminds me of the deer I shot last November. Maybe her next form should be delicious venison sausage. I would love to have a painting of venison sausage.

  2. I love your color combinations and their placement - especially the orange/red and aqua/teal. Very interesting symbolism!