Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tree Painting

This painting has not been shown.  I thought I would post it to get some feedback.  I usually don't work with landscapes but I really enjoyed the process of letting the paint do what it must.  The intent was to represent the complexity, love, fear, and growth of a marriage.  I currently am struggling with this style I have developed.  I have been studying several old masters and other contemporary realist painters and have been feeling the drive to work in a more traditional manner.  I have spent so many years doing photoshop illustration and I have always tried to do paintings I would never attempt in the computer.  Having such respect for craftsmanship and a real ability to draw the human form, I am currently working on a painting of my wife with a more realist approach.  I will be posting my progress.


  1. At first glance I would have said "Tree Of Life". After looking at it longer I see a tree of knowledge....much simpler in a way. The colors are so random, but at the same time the overall feeling is very serene.

  2. Scott, I'm really very drawn to this painting and find it incredibly beautiful. Your work seems to be so much about color, which completely enraptures me, and the color here expresses so much. I see the beauty of decay. I see hope, too, the way the color gets more vivid toward the top of the tree. Thank you so much for sharing this, and your other pieces as well.